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Steak Pizzaiola!

1 1/4 pounds boneless sirloin steak (about 1 inch thick), excess fat…




Don't forget to come in before the end of the week to get your burpees in!!! Happy Thursday everyone! #theSFway ...

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The struggle is where you grow! Happy hump day!! #theSFway ...

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Funny reminder to not skip breakfast!!! Start the day off right :) #theSFway ...

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Sets goal! and do what you have to do to reach them!! #theSFway ...

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At 168 Fitness we have the best team around! With team members like @seamusmatthewsullivan there's no limit to what he will do for our members. Like/love if you agree and Seamus has done something for you to make your day better. #fitfam #showsomelove #team #committed #aboveandbeyond #fitnessmotivation #spartan #bestmembers #elevate
Loving this grind. I missed the #USAWNationals this year due to over working myself on travel and life. Now I have been focused on the #USAW #AmericanOpen in December since I'm home and training consistently. 🎉👏 I'm feeling healthy again finally. I put on some weight and love how strong I feel right now. Traveling most of the year really took a toll on me. I did my best to stay on course but sometimes it doesn't happen. That doesn't mean you quit it just means you start again! I'm looking forward to this fall and even the winter time to step up and start competing again in CF too. 👏 I'm ready to play again!!! 🏆 @badassbodydiet #badassbodydiet #hustleit #ladyboss #relentlesslife #christmasabbott
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- Squat Booty Goals 😦😍🙌🏽
#TBT with the love of my life @yoga_ky 😍💙😍 I'm so thankful to have this amazing woman in my life. She's talented, smart, happy, driven, one of the funniest people I know (although I don't admit it always😁) and drop dead gorgeous. She pushes me to achieve new levels of greatness, and is actually patient with me when I'm on the slower road taken. Her eyes and heart are full of adventure😍🌎 which I can't wait to fulfill with her. Pretty much there's no one I'd rather spend my life with. My #wce #fiance #love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
EAT CLEAN, TRAIN MEAN, GET LEAN!! 💪💥💪💥💪💥💪💥 Model: @theleanqueen
#tbt to September with this pic from @luceayyy! Check out our Facebook page to see an entire album of Instagram photos from September. Make sure to tag #bowdoin!
He hogged all the nutrients in the womb lol
How to Do Squats to make Your Booty Bigger?!. Then, it is best that you learn how to do proper squats to make your buttock bigger. 🍑@homeSquat 🍑@homeSquat 🍑@homeSquat 🍑@homeSquat 🍑@homeSquat
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