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I have been an active client of Studio Fitness and its private training programs with Shane Simmons for several years now.  I have not only decreased body fat but have increased lean muscle mass and improved my strength and general physical and mental fitness!  While my weekly sessions are but one part of my overall fitness program, I really enjoy the camaraderie provided by the Studio Fitness Team!
Jason Whalen
Mayor, City of Lakewood Co-Owner, Dominant Nutrition, LLC
The experience at Studio Fitness is so personal in a one on one program with trainers at all experienced levels.  There is a comfort with everyone knowing you.  I have confidence in the trainers.  Without scheduled appointments, I would not have stayed with the routine.  It’s been 5 years now and it feels good to be in a gym at 71.
A cherished friend of mine, that asked me to join SF when I was 55. I was newly retired from running due to back and hip issues. I was stuck and Laurie invited me to join her and some friends to work out with Shane at SF. Little did I know then that a journey of health both physically and mentally was to begin. It did and 160 pound me returned to 135 pound me. More than the weight loss is at the core of my experience. I am well past the "middle years," and grateful to feel strong as well as part of the team at SF. So grateful I am. 

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