This is Al’s Story!
First off, I’d like to simply say thank you. I have gained so much from everyone at Studio Fitness; you have helped hone some of the tools that I had for getting healthy, and given me loads more that I am using, and am going to use everyday.
As you know, my wife Emily, is also on a healthy living program. Since we have made the decision to get healthy, we have lost 75 lbs, 30 of those are mine from healthy eating, and hard work at your place. Right now, it seems  as though I’m plateauing at around 217-220 but now I am losing fat, and putting on more muscle. It’ not just the pounds that I’ve lost, it’s the way I feel. I’m a much happier person, and I feel and I think I look better that I ever have. I look forward to my morning
Before Studio Fitness
workouts, being pushed by Shane and Keane and the motivation from the people in the classes. Definitely a Motivator! As a plus, I have been waking up before my alarm most mornings, if my daughter Piper doesn’t get me up first.
Also, the Myzone Challenge really put a fire in me to push harder, and I’m gunning for Dave Gordon on the next challenge!
For all these things, I thank you.

After Studio Fitness
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